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We don't write polite letters and we don't cut deals. WE LIKE TO FIGHT!


MFI-Miami's Brooklyn Foreclosure Defense team commands results like no other Brooklyn foreclosure defense company or loan auditing company fighting Brooklyn foreclosures. Our staff all come from the lending and banking industries. 

In addition, MFI-Miami also has access to an army of forensic accountants, former FBI agents, and secret service agents, lawyers.  

We bring out the worst in lenders and that's how we get them to defeat themselves.

MFI-Miami's Brooklyn Foreclosure Defense team commands results when it comes to Brooklyn foreclosures because our staff members have given depositions and testified in foreclosure cases in Florida, New Jersey and New York .  

MFI-Miami's Brooklyn Foreclosure Defense team also commands results with unparalleled access to data, information, and experts in the area of foreclosure defense. As a result, we have helped our clients secure over $750 million in principal write-downs and discharged mortgages since 2008.

Brooklyn Foreclosure Defense That Succeeds

MFI-Miami's Brooklyn Foreclosure Defense Team Isn't Afraid To Take On Wall Street!


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